Taking great care of our potential mamas begins 18 months or more before they have a litter.  Our decision to purchase a potential mama or to keep a puppy produced by another of our mamas is 100% based on testing, testing, and more testing.  We complete the stringent testing that allows our breeding dogs to earn gold level certification from the Goldendoodle Association of North America. 

  1. Temperament - 7 weeks old
  2. Structure - 3 days before 8 weeks old
  3. Coat traits for furnishings, curl, shedding - 1 week old
  4. Other traits determined by DNA - no set timing
  5. Genetic Health testing by DNA - no set timing
  6. Hip and Elbow X-Ray preliminary review - 1 year old
  7. Basic Cardiac - 1 year old
  8. Eye Assessment - 1 year old
  9. Structure Reassessment - 1 year 
  10. Temperament Reassessment - 1 year

With due diligence, we select the best stud to pair with our carefully chosen mama so that the genetic details the puppies are born with are excellent. We only choose studs with the same strict health and structure qualities that we demand of our mamas.




Duchess Maya (Maya)

  • Hip Dysplasia: Normal/Good OFA
  • Elbow Dysplasia: Normal OFA
  • Patella Luxation: Normal OFA
  • Heart/Cardiac: Normal OFA
  • CERF/CAER (Eyes): Normal OFA
  • GANA Certification: Gold Level